Difference Between A Website, A Web Page, And A Landing Page

I’ve heard people argue about the difference between a website, a webpage, and a landing page, and while some agree there are differences even though they sometimes mix it up, others argue they are the same and not different. Some say that a landing page is different from a website. Today, I’ll help you understand the difference(s) in very simple terms.


First, a website is a website i.e. whatever you know to be a website, identified by its domain name (example.com). A website is an online business place like a shop, office, library, school, church, market, etc. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many who never saw the need for a website have taken to the internet as it is the only way to do business while maintaining social distancing. As a result, a good number of business owners never saw the need to pay for an office space anymore. They now operate a remote office where all staff work from home.

Thus a website is like an entire building with various rooms.


A webpage is a page within a website. It is the combination of webpages that make up a website. It’s like having several rooms that make up a house or a building. There’s no website without webpage(s) and there’s no webpage without a website. Some websites may have only one webpage (one-paged site) while others have several pages. Each page on a website contains all information about the site (business). For instance, the SERVICES page contains information about the services rendered by the organization; the ABOUT page contains information about the organization; the CONTACT page contains information about how you can contact the organization, and so on.

Now, each web page has its unique link address (url – universal resource locator) that leads to that particular page. For example, the link to the ABOUT page on https://aretusitsolutions.com is https://aretusitsolutions.com/about. Hint: You can determine what the link should be.


When you click on a link, it takes you to the specified webpage. If you click on https://aretusitsolutions.com/about it will take you to the ABOUT page on the website https://aretusitsolutions.com. This ABOUT page becomes the LANDING PAGE for that link. It could be a URL or a button assigned with the page link.

So a LANDING PAGE is the page that opens when you click a particular link.


A website is a collection of web pages, and each web page becomes a landing page when visited through the clicking of a link.